The Weber Q Gas Grill Range

The Best Portable Gas Grill on the Market?

Weber Q100 Portable Gas Grill
Rated 4.7/5 based on 324 reviews

Weber Q Gas Grill

With the Weber Q Gas Grill series Weber has introduced its own brand of portable gas grills. They also do a range of portable charcoal grills.

Lots of BBQ manufacturers have released products in this category of BBQ and done it pretty well. But to my mind, having checked out the whole range and and bought one these represent the best gas grills in the portable grill class.

They get consistently glowing reviews from buyers and professionals - if you fancy something portable that fits in the back of your car for tailgating, a Weber Q gas grill is well worth a look.

"this classic is simple, dependable and capable...on the beach or in the park"

 - Derrick Riches of

So What Are They Like?

Weber Q100 Gas GRills

Each of the models is available with a steel lid and black trimmings. All the models include an Infinite Burner switch.

Instead of allowing the user to select between three settings (low, medium and high) the infinity switch allows you to dial in the exact degree of heat you want in your grill. This facilitates precision cooking every time.

All the grills in this series have undergone Weber’s fuel efficiency test to ensure that you get maximum usage out of every cylinder. You don't want to run out of gas in the wilderness do you?

All the models in the Q series use disposable 14.1- or 16.1- ounce LP cylinders, however there is the option to purchase an adapter hose for use with 20lb cylinders.

A removable catch pan makes tidy up easy as it collects all fat drippings in one place. Combine this with an easy to use quick start single push button and you have a recipe for an excellent barbecue.

Another useful extra, common to each model except the Go Anywhere is an optional cart.

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How Many Models are in the Weber Q Gas Grill Range?

There are 5 grills in this range and here they are for comparison:

Total Cooking area
BTU Output
Approximate Price
Go Anywhere
160 sq in
189 sq in
8,500 BTU
189 sq in
8,500 BTU
280 sq in
12,000 BTU
280 sq in
12,000 BTU
393 sq in
21,700 BTU
462 sq in
21,700 BTU

Weber Q Gas Grills Go Anywhere

The first product in Weber’s gas portable range is the Gas Go Anywhere. Although, somehow this little grill doesn't quite fit in the Q range - although it is my favorite.

Aesthetically this grill has more in common with a tool box than a BBQ, but don’t let that put you off. It's highly functional rather than pretty.

The Go Anywhere runs on 14.1 oz propane cylinders, comes with a heat distribution plate for even cooking and has Weber "Flavorizer" bars to stop fat pooling on the upper parts of the grill. This barbecue included steel legs that pivot for carrying.

But, the real base model in the Weber Q gas grill series is the Q100. Providing 189 square inches of cooking space at 8,500 BTU an hour, the Q100 is perfect for cooking on the go.

It has the usual refinements of a Weber grill including stainless steel burner, porcelain enamelled cooking grate and glass reinforced nylon frame.

The Q120 expands on the Q100 (pictured above), making for an even more versatile package. It has a taller lid (by one inch), with thermometer for easily tracking the exact cooking temperature inside the grill.

In addition the Q120 comes with two folding tables that provide extra preparation space. Weber has put the Q120 through stringent balance testing to ensure that even when the tables are extended and the lid is open, the BBQ remains stable.

The Q200 is a larger version of the Q120. It has 280 square inches of cooking space, running on 12,000 BTU an hour. It does not, however, include a thermometer. For that you will need to spend an extra $20 dollars to purchase the Q220.

Weber Q300 Gas Grill

The at the top of the range is the Q300 and Q320.

These grills have an extra burner, a bigger primary cooking area and a warming rack, and also come with the adapter hose for a 20lb gas bottle and and the cart.

These two models are stretching the idea of what you might call portable.

Where the previous models are fine for an impromptu beach picnic, these two are better suited to take on a weeks vacation where you have a base camp where can leave it.

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Weber's warranty is pretty all encompassing:

  • Aluminum Castings - 5 years
  • Paint - 2 years, but excludes fading or discoloration
  • Thermoplastic or Thermoset Parts - 5 years but excludes fading
  • Remaining Parts are 2 years


Derrick Riches of gave the Gas Go anywhere four and a half out of five stars, stating that ‘this classic is simple, dependable, and capable of grilling up a few steaks, burgers, or hot dogs on the beach or in the park’.

He goes on to say ‘This is a perfect little portable for tailgating or the college kid who wants a grill’.

Look at the reviews on Amazon for the Weber Q100, for example, at the time of writing, there 307 reviews - of which 290 are 4 or 5 star. Many of the comments are quite gushing.

The Verdict

If you accept that it's size limitations are what makes a portable grill fit in the back of your car for a day at the beach or whatever, and cooking for no more than four or five people, then these grills are ideal.

There are lots of portable grills on the market but the Weber Q gas grills are almost certainly the best, and you get what you pay for.

The Good

Another solid, reliable Weber product

Light, compact and easy to use

Reviews from buyers are consistently great

The Bad

There are less expensive brands in the portable grill niche

Portability = tiny cooking area, but you can expect that with a portable grill

Where to Buy Your Weber Q Gas Grill

Amazon is the best Place to buy barbeques and accessories

Check out Weber Q gas grills at Amazon:

  • Q 100
  • Q 120
  • Q 200
  • Q 220
  • Q 300
  • Q 320
  • Go Anywhere

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