Weber One Touch Charcoal Grill
Rated 4.6/5 based on 229 reviews

Weber Charcoal Grills One Touch

Buy a Weber Kettle - it's the Worlds Best Selling Charcoal Grill

Weber Charcoal Grills One Touch
4.6/5 stars – based on 229 reviews

Weber charcoal grills One Touch Range

The Weber Charcoal Grills One Touch series is still one of the best choices you can makes for a new charcoal grill.

It's cute sputnik-esque shape isn't only feature of this classic 1950's grill design.

You have seen these grills everywhere, and they are one of the most popular and best charcoal grills ever made.

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One Touch Silver - The Basic Model

In addition to all their smokers and gas grills there is the Weber charcoal grills One Touch series.

The One Touch part of the name stems from the fact that each of the grills in this range is constructed from aluminized steel, allowing it to be very easily cleaned, supposedly with one wipe of your cloth. It's not too far from the truth.

All models in this range are available in black and have a porcelain enameled coating on both inside and out. This coating is baked on at 1500 degrees Fahrenheit to create a heat resistant layer on every barbecue.

The One Touch series comes in a number of models. The most basic is the Silver 18.5”. It has an 18.5” diameter cooking area and comes equipped with a plated heavy duty steel cooking grate and an ash catcher. It has two wheels so it can easily be scooted into your garage for storage - which are also weather and crack proof, as are the reinforced nylon handles.

The 18.5” model also comes with an aluminium air vent that helps control airflow for the stable temperatures required for real barbecuing. The Silver 22.5” model has all the features of the 18.5” model, but just has a larger cooking capacity.

One Touch Gold - With Genuinely Useful Extra Bits!

Weber Charcoal Grill One Touch 22.5 inch

The Gold 18.5” model expands on the Silver models in a number of areas.

It includes the Weber One Touch cleaning system (where the range gets it name), which consists of three curved blades at the bottom of the cooking bowl, on the outside is a handle that rotates them knocking the ash into the ash catcher below.

The Gold has a bigger sealed ash catcher, rather than an open ash catcher as included with the Silver models. The advantage being that the sealed ash catcher will still collect ash when there is a high wind, while with the open catcher you risk the ash blowing around your backyard and coating your burgers. Ewww!

The sealed catcher is also detachable from the body of the barbecue, allowing the ash to be disposed of easily.

In addition the Gold 18.5” has a hinged cooking grate so you are easily able to add briquettes, mid cooking. There are two larger Gold models available. The first, the Weber Gold 22.5” is the exact same as the 18.5” except in cooking capacity and colors. It is also available in green and dark blue.

The second of the larger models, the Weber One Touch 26.75” has a plethora of extra features.

It comes with a useful lid holder which allows you to easily access the meat mid cooking by sliding the lid vertically onto the side of the barbecue. It also comes with a thermometer built into the lid, allowing you to easily monitor the grill temperature and has two basket charcoal holders, which makes fuel loading easy when you're mid way through cooking.

Platinum and Beyond

Weber Charcoal Grills One Touch Platinum 22.5

The Platinum 22.5” model represents the top of the range in the One Touch series. It has two workspace side tables complete with tool hooks, a wire bottom shelf for extra storage and is available in black and brick red. It comes with all the features of the Gold 26.75” model.

Finally the Weber Ranch Kettle (of similar design and spec to the One Touch series) has a massive 37.5” diameter cooking area - that's 1100 square inches and big enough for 3 dozen or more burgers!

However awesome, at around $1200, it seems ridiculously over priced for a charcoal grill.

Weber Charcoal Grills One Touch Range

Table to follow

The Weber Warranty

The Weber warranty is very good, they seem to be a good honest company who build rock solid products, and their aftercare reflects their confidence I think.

  • Cooking / Charcoal grates - 2 years
  • Stainless Steel One-Touch Cleaning System - 10 years
  • Bowl and lid against rust/burn-through - 10 years
  • Nylon handles- 10 years
  • Thermoplastic/Thermoset Parts (One-Touch Platinum) - 10 years excluding fading
  • All Remaining Parts - 2 years

Conclusion for Weber Charcoal Grills One Touch Range

The Good

  • Tried, tested and improved design
  • Built in the USA
  • All-round great great

The Bad

  • Nothing (yes, really)

As I said the Weber kettle grill is a classic piece of design that is instantly recognizable, often copied, but never bettered.

I have owned one of these fabulous grills in the past - a One Touch Silver 22.5 inch in black - I had it for 8 years (covered through the summer and garaged during the winter), and I eventually gave it to some newlywed neighbors, still in reasonable condition.

I only gave it away because I wanted something different. I'm fairly certain I'll buy another at some stage in the future.

There isn't much you can't barbecue on a One Touch grill, sausages, burgers, whole chicken, whole turkey (at a push) - you can even try you hand at barbecue smoking.

IMHO You could do much, much worse than a Weber charcoal grills One Touch, but not much better.

Just buy one.

Buy a Weber One Touch

Check out the Weber charcoal grills bestseller list

Check out the Weber One Touch range at

  • One Touch Silver 18.5 inch
  • One Touch Silver 22.5 inch
  • One Touch Gold 18.5 inch
  • One Touch Gold 22.5 inch
  • One Touch Gold 26.5 inch
  • One Touch Platinum 22.5 inch
  • Weber Range Kettle 37.5 inch

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