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Ducane Affinity 3100 Gas Grill
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Ducane Gas Grills

The Ducane gas grills Affinity series turns out to be a gem a grill for the price. They are similar in spec to the Weber Spirit Series, but maybe $100 cheaper.

Since Weber is the parent company of Ducane, any product bearing the Ducane barbecue name is also likely to be synonymous with quality and durability. This is the case with the Affinity series of BBQ gas grills.

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The Ducane Affinity Series Specifications

The basic model, the 3100, comes with three stainless steel burners, operating at 36,000 BTU an hour. They have electric ignition as standard. The total cooking area of the 3100 is 550 square inches, split between a 418 square inch primary cooking area and a 132 square inch warming rack.

Stainless steel cooking grates help heat the meat evenly while also giving it those nice sear marks. Porcelain enameled heat plates work in combination with the steel cooking grates to retain heat inside the barbecue, helping it to heat up quickly.

In terms of extra features, the 3100 has a lid mounted thermometer, essential for keeping track of the cooking temperature for the long, slow stuff.

The unit also includes two stainless steel work surfaces, useful for preparing meat or side dishes while you cook. The grill has two locking and two swivel casters for easy maneuvering and a cupboard for hiding the fuel canister.

Ducane Gas Grills Affinity 4100

If you are likely to be holding large family gatherings or parties, you may want to opt for the 4100. For around $100 dollars more you get and extra burner and the unit operates at 48,000 BTU per hour.

In addition the 4100 series has a total cooking area of 693 square inches. This is split between a 526 square inch primary cooking area and a 167 square inch warming rack.

Other than the larger capacity and extra burner the 4100 has exactly the same features as the 3100.

There is one other model in the Affinity series, the 4200. It is the same basic unit as the 4100, but also includes a 12,000 BTU an hour side burner.

This is useful for simultaneously cooking a side or vegetables while you also prepare the main meal. You should be aware that the 4200 is actually less expensive than the 4100 but is only available at Lowes stores in the USA.

All the models in the Affinity range come with a nice black stainless steel, porcelain enameled finish.

The Ducane Affinity Series At a Glance

BTU Output
Total Cooking area
Side Burner BTU
36,000 BTU
550sq in
48,000 BTU
693 sq in
12,000 BTU
48,800 BTU
693 sq in
12,000 BTU

What Do Buyers Say?

On Amazon, at the time of writing, the number of Ducane gas grill reviews is 23, of which 15 are 4 or 5 star - 11 are 5 star. Reviewers mention praise the build quality, easy of construction, good value.

Weaker reviews regularly mention damage to packaging or to the actual grill, but also praised Ducane's customer service team, who arrange for replacements seemingly without fuss.

Each of the Affinity series received four out of five star reviews on about.com.

The reviewer particularly liked the fact that Ducane is so closely associated with Weber, meaning you get a comprehensive warranty that you can rely on. They also praised the construction stating that, ‘Ducane gas grills are well built for the price and better than most of the comparable products out there’.

The Verdict

The Bad

  • Occasional issues with damaged goods on delivery
  • Reports of wind blowing flames out too easily

The Good

  • Great grill for the price
  • Ducane is backed by Weber - quality and warranty reflect this
  • Easy construction
  • Can be converted to natural gas

Buy Yourself a Ducane Affinity Gas Grill

Check out Amazon.com for Ducane grills and products:

  • Affinity 3100
  • Affinity 4100
  • Ducane grill covers
  • Ducane grill spare parts

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