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The Char-broil American Gourmet Range of Grills are Some of the Best Value Around

Char-Broil American Gourmet Grill
3.5 stars – based on 24 reviews

char-broil 30 inch charcoal grill

Charbroil grills also manufactures a range of charcoal grills, as well as their range of gas grills.

Char-Broil’s charcoal grills certainly look the part. Black cast iron is an extremely appealing aesthetic for a charcoal grill, fitting well with the tradition of cooking meat over an open fire.

Happily, the Charbroil grills do not flatter to deceive, and each model packs a bunch of features at a relatively cheap price.

The Charbroil Grills Range of Charcoal Grills

The 30” Charcoal grill model provides you with a total of respectable 784 square inches of cooking space, split between a main cooking area (527 square inches) and a secondary cooking surface.

The cooking grates are porcelain coated to help retain heat and spread it evenly. In addition, the smoke stack with dampener allows you to regulate the heat and smoke levels inside the cooking area.

A built in temperature gauge also helps the user measure the internal heat. Char-Broil has included an unusual crank on the front of the barbecue that allows users to adjust the coal rack height.

A cast iron front access door allows the user to refuel and tend to the fire, while the inclusion of an ash catcher makes tidying up after cooking is finished simple.

This versatile barbecue also has folding shelf space. This can be used for preparing meat or sides. The unit has tool hooks for all your grilling utensils, so you can keep them handy while cooking.

A lower rack provides further storage space. Two eight inch wheels and two locking casters mean this particular barbecue can be maneuverable or stable when you need it to be. All this can be bought for the extremely affordable price, somewhere round the $200 mark.

If you are looking for an even cheaper option that does not sacrifice quality, then look no further than the Char-Broil 600 series.

Made from the same cast Iron as the 30” Charcoal grill, this particular barbecue features 435 square inches of primary cooking space, with a further 188 square inches of space provided by a chrome ‘swingaway’ surface.

char-broil grills

Like the 30” model the Char-broil 600 series has an ash catcher for easy clean up and a lower storage rack. In addition, the 600 series features a ‘cool touch’ handle that stays cool no matter how hot the grill may get.

Char-Broil has included a side shelf and folding front shelf where you can store meat waiting to be cooked, or vegetables that are to be caramelized.

At about $130 you will not find many cheaper charcoal barbecues that have the wealth of features of the 600 series.       

Reviews and Endorsements

The 30” charcoal grill has received mixed reviews. While most users found that the construction materials were a little flimsy and easily bent, they often reasoned that overall, for the low price, the 30” grill represented good value. 

On Amazon, out of 32 reviews at the time of writing, 14 are 4 or 5 star - with comments along the lines of "where it matters, it does very well" being the consensus.

"where it matters, the Char-Broil 30" does very well"

The Char-broil 600 series has been very well received, particularly on Indeed, user Walterj said, ‘I have been using this particular grill for a few years now. It gives me the latitude to cook different ways. Direct, Indirect, and smoking. The grill units are thick cast iron that distributes heat very well. The top or warming rack is very good for indirect slow cooking’.

Compounding this view is the fact that the 600 series received an average of over four and a half stars out of five, from a total of 63 reviews.

The Verdict!

The Good

  • Budget end of the market
  • Good quality for the price
  • Useful features usually seen on more expensive brands
  • Can be used for grilling, indirect grilling and smoking

The Bad

  • The budget end of the market!
  • Reports of parts not fitting without hammering or bending in to place.
  • Construction feels flimsy compared to more expensive brands

Where to Buy Charbroil Grills

Why, Amazon of course! They stock grills and barbecues of all prices and types.

Check out the full range of Char-Broil grills at

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