Where to find Charbroil Grill Replacement Parts?


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where do I get Charbroil grill replacement parts

Sometimes it’s good to be prepared. When you invest in a BBQ you expect it to last you for many years. However, for various reasons you may end up having to replace some of the parts in your grill.

Char-Broil is one of the most well known names in the BBQ industry. No matter which model you own, you’ll find top quality replacement parts available in case you need them.

It could be a good idea to get the some of the more common parts in before you actually need them just so you can replace them quickly if something does go wrong mid barbecue.

What Parts are Available?

So many are available that you could build a whole one from the available spares!

Parts you can get hold of:

  • replacement grease cups
  • temperature gauges
  • electronic ignitor kits
  • wheels
  • burner
  • hinges
  • nuts, bolts and other small parts.

You name it - there are too many parts for too many models to list here.

There are also the larger parts such as porcelain grates, heat plates, vaporizer bars that are available.

Finding The Right Part

First off, you ideally need to know the model number of your grill from Char-Broil - this will appear on the assembly instructions that you got with it.

The assembly instructions also contain a parts list that names all the parts, and a diagram of where they go - though it doesn't give the part numbers, which would be good.

Next, go to Amazon.com and search for the exact model and part name - use the search box below.

Type in the make and model of your barbecue grill, along with the phrase "replacement parts" and the type of part you need:

If you don't have this to hand, but you know the name of the model you have e.g. Charbroil Performance T-22 click the link below for Amazon's parts section, enter your grills name in the search box and browse until you see something.

Visit the Amazon.com replacement grill parts page - they've got it all covered!

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