A Look at the Char Griller Charcoal Grills Range

Char-Griller Outlaw Grill
3.8 out of 5 stars – based on 65 reviews at Amazon.com

Overview of the Range

Char Griller Charcoal Grills

As with most charcoal grills the entire range of Char Griller comes as a self build kit.

Some-what bizarrely to non-Christians perhaps, the packing is emblazoned with Christian slogans - not a problem to me personally but some people may wonder why.

Decent instructions are included in the box and the kits aren't too hard to piece together (I helped erect the Super Pro model for a friend) and are all of the cart design with four legs, two of which have wheels.

The sheet steel these grills are made of is quite thick and doesn't flex, and is powder coated giving a reasonably hard wearing finish. I am told rust patches creep through if it is kept in the open permanently, so take a look at Char Griller BBQ covers.

If these barbeques are kept under a cover I am fairly certain they can last a good many years.

Check out the Char-Griller shop at Amazon.com

Char Griller Charcoal Grill Features

Aside from good build quality and the same type of design there are a few of the product features appear right across the range.

  • Except the smallest Patio Pro model, they all have a temperature gauge.
  • Except the portable model each has a side shelf and a front shelf (except the )
  • Temperature is controlled by raising and lowering the coals, rather than the cooking grill. I found this weird, but then again, why not?
  • Every model also has vents to adjust heat flow, meaning you can barbecue and smoke stuff like whole chicken.
  • The coals sit in a pan that can be removed from the outside so you can add more charcoal without disturbing the food.
  • The removable pan also makes it very easy to clean out the ash and spent coals.

There are seven models in this range including a portable grill and a smoker - that are both similar in design and build. Each model gets progressively bigger as price increases.

Available Colours
Primary Cooking area
Secondary Cooking Area
Portable Table Top Grill #2424
Black only
250 sq in
Patio Pro Model #1515
Black only
250 sq in
Wrangler Model #2123
Black only
435 sq in
200 sq in
Super Pro Model #2121
Black only
580 sq in
270 sq in
Pro Deluxe Model #2222
Black only
580 sq in
270 sq in
Outlaw Model #2137
Black only
725 sq in
340 sq in
Smokin' Pro Model #1224
Black only
580 sq in
270 sq in

Accessories for This Range

Char-Griller make a range of BBQ covers for each model of barbeque that they produce. They make a side firebox that fits models #2121, #2123, #2137 - to convert them to being a BBQ smoker. There is also a rotisserie kit which fits every model, except the Outlaw (and I suspect the portable model).

The Verdict

The Bad

  • Some reports of parts being warped and holes not aligning during construction.
  • Some reports of poor packaging causing chips and scratches during transit.

The Good

  • Great range of grills and accessories
  • Solid build quality
  • Well known brand with a lot of 4 and 5 star reviews on Amazon

Where to buy Char Griller Charcoal Grills

Check out the Char-Griller shop at Amazon.com

Look out for the Char-Griller range of barbeques at Amazon.com

  • Table Top Grill #2424
  • Patio Pro Model #1515
  • Wrangler Model #2123
  • Super Pro Model #2121
  • Pro Deluxe Model #2222
  • Outlaw Model #2137
  • Smokin' Pro Model #1224

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