BBQ Grill Accessories

A few BBQ Tools are vital to cooking outdoors - you can't make do without 'em, and they'll get a lot of use - so get the best you can afford and they'll last for years.

Which Four BBQ Tools Make Outdoor Cooking Easier?

BBQ spatula

BBQ Tongs

BBQ grill basket

Grill Baskets

BBQ spatula


BBQ Tool Kit

BBQ Tool Kits

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  • Tongs for turning over items like steak, or sausages that might leak fat onto the coals.
  • A hinged grill basket is very handy for delicate items like fish, or for cooking quantities of food at once e.g. four burgers or a batch of chicken wings - you can turn them over all at once.
  • A spatula for flipping burgers or steak/chops etc.
  • Skewers - long metal skewers for cooking kebabs - get them with wooden handles, the metal gets hot!
  • Two or three pronged forks that easily spear cooked food.

These first five BBQ grill accessories are really things you can't do without. They can mostly be bought as part of a barbecue grill set in their own carry case.

Ready to Try Something New? Another 4 BBQ Grill Accessories

If you have the basics sorted and are hooked, think about what you want try next.

charcoal chimney

Charcoal Chimney

BBQ smoker box

Smoker Box

bbq wood

BBQ Wood

BBQ rotisserie kits

Rotisserie Kits

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  • If there’s one thing that makes lighting a charcoal grill quick and easy it’s a charcoal chimney - you’ll never need lighter fuel again.
  • A smoker box is a great accessory for a covered grill. Basically it's a metal box, with a perforated lid. Place your soaked BBQ wood chips inside and they smoulder, producing lots of smoke.
  • A BBQ Rotisserie is for large cuts of meat or whole animals like a pig or a turkey. Most of the big BBQ manufacturers make kits that attach them to their own grills.
  • There are two types of barbeque charcoal - get the good stuff.
  • A BBQ gas lighter with a long nozzle can be helpful too.
  • A pair of barbecue gloves is pretty essential; even with the other utensils a grill can get very hot on the hands after a few seconds. I actually use welder's gloves, but you might be more comfortable with something less unwieldy.
  • Basting brushes for basting meat with BBQ sauce.
  • When fat does leak onto hot coal it causes flames. Flames don’t cook, they burn; which is bad. So have a spray bottle of water on hand to douse any flames that do appear.
  • If you need to barbecue large cuts of meat or poultry, a good meat thermometer will come in handy to guarantee they are properly cooked through.
  • A good fitting BBQ cover will keep the elements out, reduce the amount of cleaning, and extend the life of your barbecue grill by many years.
  • Otherwise, a stiff wire grill brush, cleaning your grill is a must.

Where to Buy BBQ Accessories and Tools

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Search on for BBQ grill accessories
  • Barbecue grill sets
  • BBQ gloves
  • Rotisseries
  • BBQ gas lighters
  • Hinged grill basket
  • Basting brushes

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