BBQ Covers Will Keep the Elements Out

And Help Your Grill Last For Years!

Weber BBQ Cover

BBQ covers may seem like an optional purchase in the short term.

But if you want your grill to stay in good working order, and be protected from the elements they become an essential BBQ accessory.

Depending on where you live, one harsh winter and your brand new grill could look quite worn – it will be filled with leaves, bugs and cobwebs, and be in need of a major clean up.

With a cover, your barbecue will likely be good to go for every cooking session and minimal cleaning will be required even after winter. Also you will extend its useful life by several years, and maybe double or treble it.

In short they really are an investment, saving cleaning time and ultimately expense - and if there is one tip that will make a major difference it is this.

So buy a grill cover, it will:

  • Keep you grill immaculate between cooking sessions and over winter
  • Saving you a lot of cleaning time
  • Extend the life of your grill by many times
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Which Grill Cover?

Well, if you have a Weber barbeque of some description, its easy - there will be a Weber BBQ cover to go with it. In fact all the big manufacturers have a range of covers that fit each model exactly, including:

  • Weber
  • Brinkmann
  • Char-Broil
  • Char-Griller
  • Masterbuilt

Other Notable Brands

There are also manufacturers who purely specialize in barbeque covers for cart or kettle designs.

In particular a company called Veranda make covers for fire pits, patio heater, outdoor furniture as well as for barbecues

Their reviews are very positive; probably 90% of them are 4 and 5 star on Amazon – and among the reviews it is suggested that Veranda make better quality and featured barbeque covers than any of the barbeque manufacturers (including Weber which is saying something!).
bbq covers

The quality is very good with features like water repellent PVC under-coating, air vents, handles for pulling cover on and off, and adjustable straps with buckles.

The main “complaint” about them is that the sizes mentioned on Amazon are misleading. So below is the size chart quoted by the manufacturer. The covers all come in medium, large, XL, XXL.






Dimensions Width x depth

58" X 26"

63" x 26"

70" x 26"

70" x 36"

WeatherReady and Mr Bar B-Q are two other good manufacturers of grill covers and other BBQ grill accessories, both with a big range.

Their reviews are mostly 4 and 5 star across their ranges and they are definitely worth searching for on Amazon.

The Verdict

A good BBQ cover will:

  • Extend the useful life of your barbecue grill, potentially by many years
  • Reduces amount of external cleaning required
  • Generic manufacturers products can be better quality than the actual grill manufacturers

Where to Buy BBQ Covers?

Check Out Amazon's grill cover bestseller list
Search on for covers and cleaning tools

  • WeatherReady
  • Mr Bar B-Q
  • grill covers
  • veranda grill cover

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