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barbeque tools
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A good set of Barbeque Tools and utensils are the next obvious purchase when a new barbecue grill arrives in your backyard. A few basics are often enough, and you may have some of these things in your kitchen already.

But some are specialized or adapted specifically for using at a hot barbeque grill. These adaptations are usually in the form of longer handles or handles with a heat resistant material, such as wood on the end where you hold them.

So here is a run down of the most useful barbeque tools.

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BBQ Tongs

Tongs obviously are perfect for grabbing and picking up items like steak, chicken pieces or sausages, they don’t pierce them and cause juices to run on to the coals or burners. Personally I prefer the sort that has handles much like scissors do rather then the ones the pinch together like tweezers – although it depends what you get used to.
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Grill Spatula

Ever heard people who work in McDonalds as "burger flippers"? Well they use a spatula to do the flipping. A spatula can slide under burgers or chicken pieces and various other items and used to pick them up and flip ‘em over. This is useful if food starts to stick to the grill.

I don’t use a fork, they pierce meat and this tends to cause juices to run out and catch fire – flames just burn barbeque meat. This is especially true for steak, sausages or lamb.
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BBQ Skewers

Skewers are designed really for grilling kebabs (or kebobs, if you prefer). Kebabs are fantastic, and I don’t know why they aren’t more popular.

These are can long and with a sharp point on the end for threading the various ingredients (they don’t have to be all meat).

As the best ones are stainless steel, which is pretty good at conducting heat from a grill (300F or more temperature) - get some with wooden handles or you’ll brand yourself when you turn the kebabs over!

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Hinged Grill Baskets

BBQ hinged grill basket
Hinged Grill Baskets are very useful for grilling anything that is usually grilled in quantity.

Burgers, sausages, chicken wings or breast, some kebabs, fish fillets. Put the meat inside and close the lid.

Then when the time comes, just turn the whole basket over along with the contents.

If you’ve ever had eight burgers or thirty chicken wings on the go you’ll know how much time it takes to flip all these over. A grill basket turns them all over at once. If you're into grilling more than smoking, get a couple of them.

They come in various sizes that will hold four, six or eight burgers. There are versions adapted for grilling sliders, corn on the cob , and there are kebab grill baskets.

Barbeque Tool Sets

BBQ tools
buy bbq tools
Barbecue Tool Sets are worth a mention, as they include everything mentioned here and more in one box.

Some sets only include spatula, fork and tongs which doesn’t seem much for the money - but these are the tools that get used most.

Where to buy BBQ Tools

Search on for:
  • barbecue tool sets
  • BBQ skewers
  • grill baskets
  • BBQ tongs
  • grill brushes

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