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These Barbecue Tips Will Save Time, or Take Your BBQ Cooking in a New Direction

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This site has a lot of barbecue tips to help you BBQ more easily or get you out of a rut.

If you do what you've always done, you'll get what you've always got. So the saying goes, and that's great if you're happy with what you always get.

But you might want to do what you always do - just better, in less time - or try something completely new. I can help you here, and there is no shortage of shortcuts and ideas old and new to bring inspiration your way.

BBQ Tips That Make Great Outdoor Cooking Easy

BBQ Flavourings
How to Grill Chicken safely
Clean Your grill for better results
How to Light Charcoal Easily
Choose the best tools & accessories?

BBQ Techniques From Around the World
How to Use Indirect Barbecuing
How to Use a Smoker Box

  • Stuck for inspiration? This page on BBQ flavorings will extend your repertoire quite a lot - never be stuck for something to try.
  • Learn how to cook chicken safely every time. I can't count the number people I've heard say they were ill after eating BBQ food (not mine, obviously!), and poorly cooked chicken is a likely culprit.
  • One tip for Barbecue success is simply having a clean grill. Removing charred food and gunk from previous sessions off your grill makes your food a whole lot nicer.
  • Not having the right tools can be a major source of problems at the grill - get the right tools for the job and make cooking vastly easier.
  • Buy yourself good quality tools and equipment from reputable manufacturers.

BBQ Techniques - Do Things Different

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