About This Site

This site represents 20 odd years of playing with barbecue and is an on-going labour of love.

I spend a huge amount of time researching and tweaking BBQ recipes, BBQ tools, checking out grills, sourcing BBQ wood for smoking (try getting grape wood in the north of England! However, it can be done), sourcing ingredients, and cooking and eating – and choosing beer to go with it. It’s thirsty work!

I don’t claim I know everything about barbecue, I’m not offering to teach you everything I know, but I can show you what I have found and what works for me.

On The Subject of Me

My name is Simon. I’ve done many things in my time. But where I am now is as a father to the beautiful, clever, funny, and irrepressible Jack (aged 5), a long, long, long term partner, householder, gardener – I pursue many interests, the main summer time one being barbecuing.

I used to have a normal job, that I quite liked. I worked in IT on a helpdesk and as a systems administrator. Then the company I worked for was taken over, the IT department was mostly outsourced, and a lot of us were laid off. Great.

Next job, I quickly realized the business was being wound down, and I was out of a job with everyone else within 18 months. Great.

However I was thinking of a career change anyway, and suddenly, with it being end of summer, I had the time and the weather to BBQ to my hearts content. We have a big circle of relatives and friends, all of whom need to eat!

So I am now a freelance web author living in sunny Yorkshire, UK, although I do take clients from time to time, I work mainly for myself. Building and promoting websites is a part-time job which I hope to expand into a full time career.

If you want to say hello, join me on Google+.

Please feel free to join me on some of the social platforms I am active on with this site.

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